Cosa Heat and AC Control Installation Document

Attach the Cosa Combi Unit to your Combi Boiler.
  • Remove all the parts from inside the box.
  • Make sure that the parts inside your box are shown below.
Cosa Station Unit
Cosa Combi Unit*
Micro USB Cable
220V Power Cable*
Combi Connection Cable*
Double Sided Tape*
Button Pin
* These parts are only offered as part of the Cosa Heat Control.
Installation of the Cosa Combi Unit
Note: You can skip this step if you o not have the Heat Control.
  • For your safety, turn off your combi boiler and the fuse to which your combi boiler is, connected.
  • Connect one end of the combi boiler connection cable to the combi boiler thermostat connection terminal and the other end to the combi connection of the Cosa Combi Unit as described in the operating instructions for your combi boiler.
  • Connect the 220V cable to the Cosa Combi Unit and plug it into copy.
  • Press the test button of the Cosa Combi Unit and see that the light next to the button lights up in blue. After making sure the combi boiler works by these means, press the same button again and observe that your combi boiler and the blue light turn off.
  • Press the Cosa Combi Unit's pairing button and see that the light is lit in green.
  • If your combi boiler is inside a cabinet on the balcony, place the Cosa Combi Unit in a manner where it will sit at the bottom inside the cabinet. If your combi boiler is inside your home, mount it onto the wall immediately next to it.
  • For best wireless communication, make sure that you place the Cosa Combi Unit at least 30 cm away from the metal surfaces of your combi boiler, and that your combi boiler is not physically located between the Cosa Combi Unit and the Cosa Station Unit, and glue/screw it in.
Positioning the Cosa Station Unit
  • The Cosa Station Unit makes temperature and humidity measurements for your home at the same time. For this reason, it must be in the place used most, such as the lounge or living room.
  • The Cosa Station Unit must not be positioned in heated, closed, or floor spaces such as near modems, televisions, areas that receive sunlight all day, closed cabinets, and on radiators. The Cosa Station Unit must be positioned at a height of at least 50 cm and at most 150 cm from the floor. Try a number of different places for the ideal position.
  • If you are using the Cosa AC Control, you need to position the Cosa Station in a place that it will be able to see your air conditioner and that does not obstruct between the Cosa Station and air-conditioner.
  • Plug in the Cosa Station Unit using the adapter and micro USB cable supplied in the product box to the wall socket and see that the light is lit white after about 1 minute at most.
  • Continue the installation process with the next step.
Note: If the light is not white but a different color, reset the Cosa Station Unit by pressing the factory settings button under the unit and see that the light turns white after about 1 minute at most.
Download the Cosa application and become a member
  • Download the Cosa application from the Play Store if your smart phone/device is Android or the App Store if it is iOS or go to the website to make the setup through the web interface.
  • The first time you open the application, you will see an introduction screen informing you about the Cosa product.
  • The membership screen will appear after you have exited this screen. Press the "Register" button to register. On the "User Registration" screen, you will be asked to enter the required information. Once you have entered the information and confirmed the membership contract, press the "Register" button. After pressing the "Register" button, you will enter the application and go to the installation step.
    Note: If you have previously registered and/or forgotten your password for any reason, you can request your password by clicking on the upper right corner of the login screen and pressing the "Reset Password" button.
Steps to Install through the Application
  • The setup wizard will guide you step-by-step through the steps to be followed. Please read all the steps carefully and complete the procedures in the direction of the instructions.
  • Once you have entered your home name in the home creation step and are sure that the location is correct, press the confirmation button in the bottom right and record the name of your home.
    Note: This step is required for the Auto Control feature, which allows you to receive weather information from the nearest weather station to your house as well as allowing Cosa to run automatically based on your location.
  • In the next step, the Cosa Station Unit will be connected to the Internet. Follow the screens below by carefully reading all the steps. Here, you will be redirected on the related Cosa screen and at this point, go to the list of available wireless networks on your telephone or computer and connect to the COSA_XXXX network. After the connection is made, return to the Cosa application and press the "CONNECT TO COSA" button to continue the setup.
  • Shortly after pressing the "CONNECT TO COSA" button, your telephone will connect to Cosa and Cosa will ask you for the name and password of your modem. Once you have entered the modem name and password, press the "COMPLETE SETUP" button.
  • You will see the "WAITING FOR COSA" screen. You will need to wait until your device comes online on this screen. This process can take up to 2 minutes.
  • After the "WAITING FOR COSA" screen, it will automatically go to the combi/air conditioner identification screen. You will need to pair/identify the combi and/or air conditioner for the Cosa service you wish to use.
Pairing the Cosa Heat Control
Note: If you do not have the Heat Control, you will not see this step.
  • For pairing, press the chain symbol button on the Cosa Combi Unit next to your combi boiler. By doing so, you will see that the light on the Cosa Combi Unit is lit green after about 1 minute at most.
  • Then go to the Cosa Station Unit and press the chain symbol button below this unit until you hear a click. After a green light is lit for a short period on the Cosa Station Unit, the green lights on both units will go off and pairing will be ensured.
Air-Conditioner Identification
Note: If you don't have the AC Control, you can skip this step.
  • For the air-conditioner identification process, press the Settings button in the upper right corner of the Home Screen.
  • Press the Air-Conditioner Setting section. Click on the button labeled "IDENTIFY" under the heading "AC BRAND" on the screen.
  • Select the brand of your air-conditioner.
  • Test the air conditioner remote controller until the air-conditioner of the brand you have selected.
  • After finding the remote controller of your air-conditioner, record the air-conditioner remote controller by responding Yes when asked "Is your air conditioner turned on?" Your air conditioning identification process is complete.
Congratulations. You have completed the installation and setup process.
  • If you see this screen, it means that you have completed the setup stage without any issues.