First of all, I bought Cosa considering my comfort at home. We live in Adana and probably you hear the temperature only from weather forecast and news, but we are living in these scorching heats and humid environment. For this reason, people in such a this city cannot think of anything but think just cooling. Me and my wife are working, I am opening my air conditioner on the way from work and cooling the house when left 10 minutes to home. Besides, I can open or close it whenever I want and save my money. Believe that entering such a cool environment from such a hot and humid environment gives happiness to all of us. Finally I can just say, "thank you Cosa, so glad we have you"...

Uğur D. - Adana

I used it at home, but I moved. There is not one in the new house, but I'm putting in a combi and I'll start using it again. I was incredibly pleased in the 2 months I used it. I swear it is the only app I have enjoyed like a game in recent years. I turn it off when I leave and turn it on before I get home. Doing something serious and contributive by using a mobile phone is really motivating people (there can be an insight here because I can say that I exemplify it to everyone). The interface is very simple and clear. The automatic modes work very well. It's great that it is active and de-active when you enter the location. In short, I unbelievably adored the product.

Serdar Ö. - İstanbul

I have used Cosa Combi for about 1.5 years and I am very satisfied. I can not be at home constantly because of the intensity of my work but thanks to Cosa I keep the temperature of the house under constant control. My wife is also happy to be free of toiling with the combi. I would recommend it to everyone.

Enes Ö. - İstanbul

My wife bought the product when we got married, and for more than a year I have not touched or looked at the combi. Thanks to its automatic control feature, my combi knows that I am near the home and warms the house before I arrive, it knows when we sleep at night and drops the temperature, and turns off by itself when we leave the house. My wife is concerned with the bills, but there is no longer problem with the natural gas bill since it is no longer being discussed. I recommend the product, especially to all families with babies.

Melike G. - İstanbul

It is advertised to friends living in Antalya and using natural gas ... Buy the Cosa Smart Combi Thermostat and rest easy... This is NOT an advertisement. I am resting easy and want everyone to benefit... Those who know me understand what I mean ... You are installing the program on your smart phone and leaving the rest to Cosa ... You are running it in the mode you want ... (night, daytime when out, and personal) Antalya is warm in the day, turn the combi on and off, and the bills go up as a result...

D.T. - İstanbul

I have been using it for 3-4 months and I am very satisfied. I highly recommend it.

E.Ö. - İstanbul

I recommend it, it provides great convenience and comfort.

A.G. - İstanbul

Buy Cosa :). If you have an internet connection in your home and you are planning to have a room thermostat, I would definitely recommend this product. It is a very successful product in terms of savings and ease of use. Even since the first day it has cut my fuel consumption by half. In order to save money before, I had to turn off the combi when I left the house in the morning and turn it when I came home in the evening, but it was time to sleep when I felt room temperature or I had running the whole day at the lowest rate, but this time I was faced with a crazy natural gas meter. Now I use it on a weekly schedule, and I set it according to my arrival and departure times. With Cosa, the house has warmed up by the time I get home and I can observe the temperature of the house from my smartphone when I am not at home... I have full faith that it will be useful. Thank you Cosa...

O.G.G - İstanbul

It claims to give savings, I wanted to test this, and as a result I saved money on my bills. I have a cat and a dog in my house, it may sound like I spoil them but I wanted to ensure their comfort in an economical way.. Sometimes I open the app in my office and see what temperature my girls are in, and from time to time I am able to raise the temperature. As a mother, I can cater to my children comfortably without the burden of cost. However much I am not in touch with technology, I do not want to miss out on the necessities of the day, and I am keeping up with this tool in one of the oldest places of Istanbul in my small home with its garden. I can get a quick solution thanks to the support team who I can reach easily if there is something on in my mind.

Aslıhan A. - İstanbul

Thank you for calling me for technical support at 00:30. I hope you'll be a global brand with your technology....

Ali S. - Eskişehir

My main motivation was to run the combi boiler at the desired hour, to shut it off whenever I wanted, or to control it from outside the house. I could fulfill this task perfectly. Such initiatives are always interesting, but after a couple of uses they remain on the edge of the house. I thought Cosa would also be the same. But it didn't . With the changing season, I just plugged Cosa and it is activated. LED lighting, application designs are excellent. I hope the team will show this perspective and experience on other projects

Mehmet H. - İstanbul